How to Create and Sell Information Products

There is no question that one of the fastest growth industries is the creation and marketing of learning content products. The so called information products or advice industry. If you’re not already selling an information product as part of your business you are already falling behind!

But there’s one problem. How to create and sell information products effectively and efficiently?

After all if you are going to add learning content products to your product mix you need to know how to create them effectively and efficiently. And most importantly — repeatedly. In this article I’m going to introduce you to creating and selling information products. This is a short article so I’m somewhat limited to an introduction.

The first thing you need to know is that a learning content product is not a sales product. They tend to be longer and more complex. They have a different focus and purpose. And the process for one will not work for the other. That’s why you have writers and copywriters. Would you want to pay and then read a book like War and Peace that was just a revamped advertising copy for a games manufacturer? Probably not.

Secondly you need to realize that you need a formal product development system for creating information products. One of the best consists of nine principle steps in two sections.

The first section defines your product line and consists of:

1. Decide who is your customer

2. Determine their problem or other motivator.

3. Systematize a solution to that problem.

4. Plan out the products needed.

The second section then creates an actual product:

1. Prepare a detailed design of the product (aka an outline)

2. Review and revise the detailed design.

3. Create the product itself.

4. Review and revise the product.

5. Prepare the product for sale (aka format or publish)

Of course once you’ve created the product you need to actually sell the product. This is made much easier by the above system. By starting with your customer and then developing a product line based around a system which solves one of their current problems you’ve almost ensured that your audience will buy. After all, you are solving one of their key motivators with your product. You’ve solved a current problem they are experiencing.

That means you have motivated buyers waiting for your product. All you need to do is find them and show them what you have for them. The result will be people who are lining up to buy your product.

How To Create Best Selling Information Products Online

The possibility for you to turn your strengths and knowledge into a cash dispenser is quite realistic and here is why. To create information products for other consumers can be a highly rewarding job and hobby. If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you just might be in luck of being a proud product creator & owner.

Do you have an interest in something to which you can provide others with valuable information? Is your particular area of interest profitable? With the information you hold do other people want to learn what you have to teach?

To build and create a successful informational product the information must be of value and if the demand is there for people wanting to learn what you can teach, you have just found a great spot to start making some money online.

There are currently countless ways to create informational materials online for consumers within your niche. Two popular routes which are most commonly taken are video recordings or the creation of an e-book. To write a quality e-book you must have some writing skills behind you, find your strengths; are you more of a visual presenter? If so develop some videos instead of writing it all down.

Quick tip for writers: The information product must be providing the informative value whilst keeping the readers interested and complete.

When creating your products do not develop them with little heart, customers want to know your worth their time & money, you must prove your worth as an authority figure in developing niche specific information products. That is where you will get recognized. So ask yourself can you write a top notch quality product onto a document only using words? If your skills in grammar etc are not the best I suggest you continue researching and learning how to best create an informational resources & e-books. There are many reasons why, first off, the organization of the e-book is important, if the readers feel confused and abandoned. They will stop reading the product and most likely refuse to purchase another informational resource from you. This is what you do not want as an e-book creator.

How Information Products Can Boost Business

Information products are any product that contains information that can be used by someone. This is fairly broad and generic, but so are the possibilities for your info products to be utilized and generate additional sales. Online writers are massively successful writing the copy for information products and therefore should be considered. Don’t waste your time on the production of the info product when you can be preparing the launch of the product or partnering program.


Ebooks can be written about anything and are generally a longer document. Depending on the subject and intensity of the information it can be short or long. If you’re asking people to do things along the way, keep it a bit shorter. If you’re just giving information they can use in a reference format, it can be as long as you need to convey the information.

Special Reports

These are generally shorter and focus on one specific topic. You should give special reports away with eBooks or other information products as a type of bonus. This works into offering a ton of information for a low price, which is all about perceived value.


These is another information product that can up the value of your info product package. These should be considered a free product. When you provide a workbook, especially in a program where customers are using your program in a practical sense, you are drawing them in more. You are walking them through how to use your program and not just throwing the information at them.

Information products are not only products you can sell to make a bit of money off of (and, many of them are quite successful), you are putting yourself out there as an expert and drawing people in to your site. You can also use info products to build an affiliate network and have your info products sold for you.

Benefits of Selling Information Products Online

Having a business that can run on autopilot and give you money, month after month is every Internet marketer’s dream. You can create and sell information products which will allow you to accomplish that feat. There have been an incredible number of folks who have tried in various ways to earn some kind of online income. Creating information products has got to be the number one method for making money online, and there are many reasons we say that. So here are a few reasons why it is smart to create and sell information products online.

One excellent reason is you can more easily build a mailing list you can develop and market to for years to come. It has long been known that selling to the backend with a lesser expensive intro product is a powerful way to go. You can and should begin with a lower priced front end product, and then you build a list. Take the people who purchased the first and less expensive product, and then you will market to them and eventually offer them something more expensive. The strategy is simple really, and all you will doing is moving people along and offering buyers a higher ticket item later on down the road. When you start selling your own information products, you’ll find that there are no shipping costs and you don’t have to maintain any inventory. So you avoid the typical expenses that offline businesses have to contend with. Information products are delivered instantly over the internet, which is great for both you and your customer!

An info product business is very low maintenance, and can be run in a mostly hands-off manner. All you have to do is put the system in place, and it can mostly run on its own. You don’t have to be in front of your computer for people to read your sales page, place their order and receive their download. You certainly can’t say that about any traditional offline business.

All in all, from the above article we come to understand the value of selling your own information products. Many people start learning and then they get stuck, and that is what you need to avoid letting happen to you. You can start doing research today for good products to learn from, and then learn from them what has value for customers and what they will be willing to pay for such a product.